About me

Hi, I’m Bob Beswick and I run BB Performance. For the past 20 years I’ve been heavily involved in professional sport, as both a Rugby League athlete and strength and conditioning coach. The experience gained throughout this time, has taught me many valuable lessons that has strongly influenced my behaviour, identity and coaching philosophies.

I strongly believe in education and in 2014 I graduated from Bolton University with a MSc. Sports science. My educational journey didn’t stop there, and I am constantly looking to challenge my own beliefs and knowledge, whilst staying true to my principles.

Having played a sport I love all over the world, I have developed a strong appreciation for travel and new adventures. I am very fortunate to have experienced different cultures, meet new people and see some remarkable places. I love spending time outdoors, either climbing a mountain, taking a bath in a lake somewhere or running from dinosaurs with my daughter. If I do stay inside, then I’m probably reading a book or playing guitar. I find both of these activities useful tools in maintaining a healthy mind.

I have a genuine passion to see people live life to the fullest and contributing to that through my work brings me great joy. Some of my proudest moments as a PT / Coach have not been in the gym, but when the client rings me to tell me of a new job, they quit smoking or show signs of self-confidence not seen before.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read about me. I would be happy to chat further about training, hiking, music or mindfulness.